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Bekah badilla

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about me

Hi, I'm Bekah. I have two eyes, a nose, and one mouth. I appreciate all things art and design and am chasing the creative pulse daily. Here's a little bit about me and my work.


I design to learn more about how we communicate. With my work, I hope to create inclusive spaces for people to experience information and emotion—whether it's branding, environmental design or the cover of a book. Currently, I'm working as a creative designer for Laird Superfood in Bend, OR. I'm accepting freelance/contract work. Let's talk about your next project! Scroll down to send me your ideas and I will send you a quote.


Raised in Juneau, Alaska, my art is heavily influenced by my experiences in the natural environment as well as my mixed racial and ethnic heritage. I gravitate toward creating environments to express my ideas. This usually involves a variety of mediums including painting, installation and video. Currently, I am working on a commissioned mural at Mactek in Bend, OR. I accept commissions on a case by case basis.


Bright Place Gallery / Bend, OR / 2019

Nature's Bling / Bend, OR / 2019

Mactek Mural / Bend, OR / 2019

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