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Artist, graphic designer and illustrator Bekah Badilla, currently resides in unceded Lenape Land, commonly known as Brooklyn, NY splitting time with her home in Tlingit Land, commonly known as Juneau, Alaska.

Her work explores ideas at the intersection of earth, [her]story, embodiment, mysticism, ancestry and spirituality. Badilla often draws on place through connection with her home and the earth, seeking wisdom held in natural elements such as ice and rock.  From a Filipino/Anglo-Scots American heritage, her work seeks to liberate, re-member history and facilitate growth through navigating and examining decolonization, resilience and the complexities of a mixed-race experience.

Since graduating high-school, Badilla has spent time traveling South America, Europe, and Asia, earned her BFA in Visual Art, worked as a glacier and ice climbing guide and as a graphic designer. She is now focusing on her street art, studio art practice and design studio Bekah Studio.


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