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BEKAH BADILLA she/her/they

Bekah Badilla is a creative and intuitive being with a deep connection to earth, family and community. Her work spans different disciplines including murals, paintings, installation, music, and immersive light/sound works. She lives a life that is founded on the ancient Babaylan tradition—Filipino Indigenous Wisdom and Power within us. Through the creative act of knowing ourselves deeply within the cycles of life, Badilla believes we can fulfill our purpose and enjoy abundance. Her work seeks to mediate creative energies and facilitate insight on the process of healing our bodies and souls by intersecting earth, ecology, [his/her/our]story and decoloniality. These practices of knowing are spiritually grounded in earth, knowledge sharing, embodiment, ancestral guidance and Bahala (creator).


Bekah currently resides in Unceded Lenapehoking, commonly known as Brooklyn, NY splitting time with her childhood home in Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian Land in Aani commonly known as Juneau, Southeast Alaska. She is deeply informed by her Camiguinon and Waray heritage from the islands known collectively as the Philippines, and Anglo-Scott American heritage. 


Badilla has spent time traveling South America, Europe, and Asia, received her BFA in Visual Art, worked as a glacier and ice climbing guide and as a creative director and brand designer. Since moving to Lenapehoking NYC, Bekah has become a passionate advocate of preserving and expanding both Filipinx and Hip Hop communities and culture through dance, music and graffiti. She is also raising funds to continue interest and work surrounding the polar regions with a residency in Ilulissat, Greenland in 2024. 

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