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How we experience time and space has always captivated me. The nostalgic, all-sensory experiences of my childhood growing up in Alaska, have deeply informed the way I think about the experiential field of both art and design. The feeling of being on a colossal glacier that holds ancient memory, finding yourself surrounded by that in-between texture of bluegrey fog, or smelling the thousands of deeply connected jade trees, is visceral and transformational. 


At the intersection of digital phenomena and real-world experience, my work centers around the idea of immersion. As technological advancements create a reality where digital and physical worlds draw nearer and cross boundaries, I hope to create work that meets this head on, and is both real-life and otherworldly. 


Across all of my work, whether it’s designing an environment for an immersive experience, or creating multi-media exhibitions to express myself personally, I seek to transcend my medium, evoke all the senses, and facilitate memory and imagination. Finding the balance between the known and the unknown, familiarity and mystery, is vitalizing—like a plunge into a deep blue lake.

Kumusta Ka & Welcome

Bekah Badilla

Welcome to my online 

Sensory / spatial storytelling through street art, design, and illustration

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